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For over 10 years Zangrilil Online Marketing of Connecticut has been successfully serving the small to medium sized business owner in Fairfield County and the Greater Danbury Connecticut area with affordable and results oriented online marketing services (Web Design and Development, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click and Email Marketing.)

If you can't measure results you shouldn't be spending the money.

The reality is as a small business owner every dollar counts. That fact has become even more apparent in today's economy.What is even more apparent is that just for your business to survive you need to be aggressively going after new business.That is were Zangrilil comes in.

One of the most attractive factors of online marketing is that everything is measurable. From the traffic you drive to your web site to the new clients or sales that are generated from your efforts. Because of this all of your efforts can be scalable and based upon results. By taking this approach you minimize your risk and maximize your return on investment.

With over a decade of experience working with small to medium sized businesses in Fairfield County and the Greater Danbury Connecticut area, we offer:

No Long Term Commitments. All of our clients work with us on a month to month or project by project basis. The only reason you work with us is because you want to. Not because you signed a contract.

No Cookie Cutter Solutions. Every business we work with has different goals, competitors, resources, services and many other factors that will inform the right strategies to get the best results. Because of this we don't have "packages". By fully understanding your goals and business we can recommend the appropriate services that fit within your budget.

Transparency and Knowledge Transfer. Nothing about online marketing is voodoo black magic. Everything we do is very methodical and scientific. No question you have will ever be answered with "trade secret" unlike many of other companies in this space.